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Food & Prepping Supplies

So after a successful harvest of the family garden this year and an even better hunting season now it's time to get prepping that pantry. Well you're in luck because we got all the right tools you'll need to get it done. So whether you make your own sausage or jerky, or grind your own flour we carry all the equipment you need incluing;

Manual Meat Grinders, Electric Meat Grinders, Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffers, Spring & Hook Scales, 550 lb. Dial Sportsman Scale, Fruit & Apple Crushers, Manual Cereal & Multi-Grain Mills, Ground Meat Packaging Kits, Meat Tenderizers, Freezer Bags, Freezer Tape, Heavy Duty Meat/Food Slicers, Pasta Machines, Vacuum Sealers, Vacuum Bags, Sauce Maker & Food Strainers, Stainless Steel Manual Chum Grinder with Cutting Board, Food Dehydrators, Propane Smokers, Electric Smokers, Smoker Bisquettes, Jim Beam Smoker Bisquettes, Various Hardwood and Fruit Tree Bisquettes, Flavoring Cures, Jerky Spice 6-Packs , Original Jerky Gun, Edible Processed Type Collagen Casings, Sausage Hooks, Smoker Racks, FoodSaver Gallon Vacuum Zipper Bags and FoodSaver Quart Bags.

Be prepared for all your Emergency Food Storage needs, whether you want easy to prepare food pouches for camping and hiking or you’re looking for an Emergency Food Supply for you and your family in case of an emergency. has you covered no matter what; we carry easy to prepare meals in Pouches, 7 and 5 Day Box Kits or Long Term Storage Buckets. You can always feel safe and secure knowing you and your family will always be prepared.

* These kits can be stored for five (5+) years in a cool, dry environment.

* All Food & Water are Non-Returnable items.

Manufaturers include: Bradley Technologies, ChefsChoice/Edgecraft, FoodSaver/Jarden, Jaccard, Open Country, Weston, AlpineAire Foods, Aqua Blox, Millennium Energy Bars, Natural High and Wise Foods.

Note: If you click on a category and get a 'No Products' message it is due to item(s) currently out of stock. Check back soon or drop us an email and we can check for an ETA on the product you want.