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Campfire Side Kick

Campfire Side Kick

Zippo Outdoors

  • $182.45

Campfire Side Kick
Manufacture ID: 142280A

Starts fires easier with their award winning outdoor products. This quick and easy side kick display features everything needed to start a great fire.


- Display holds 4 different products
- Includes 2 S hooks on back
- Starter: Made of compressed cedar and wax
- Flex neck dual flame technology
- Flex neck slim powerful nozzle
- Premium butane fuel
- (20) Cedar fire starters
- (6) Black flex neck utility lighters (unfilled)
- (6) Silver flex neck utility lighters (unfilled)
- (12) Cans (42 gr.) Butane fuel
- Perfect for fire related summer programs
- Lights quickly even when wet
- Provides optimus performance
- Fits openings on most grills and lanterns
- Wind resistant

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