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Beretta Magazine Px4 .177

Beretta Magazine Px4 .177

Umarex USA

  • $10.12

Beretta Magazine Px4 .177
Manufacture ID: 2253515

Dual-ended 16-shot BB & Pellet Magazine

Note: Using pointed pellets, such as the RWS Superpoint, may cause a jam. It is best to use non-pointed pellets. A traditional wadcutter pellet, like the RWS Hobby Pellet, is your best choice.


- Made for the Beretta Px4 Storm BB & Pellet Pistol
- Holds 8 rounds at both ends for a total of 16 rounds per magazine
- Accommodate BBs or Pellets
- Innovative design


- Caliber: 0.177
- Capacity: 8+816
- Brand: Beretta
- Ammo Type: BBs or non-pointed Pellets

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