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Chronograph -  Gamma Master

Chronograph - Gamma Master


  • $222.95

Chronograph - Gamma Master
Manufacture ID: GAMMA-M

Measures the speed of bullets and other projectiles from 30 to 7000 feet per second. Mounts on any tripod or it can be placed on a table. Runs on one 9 volt battery (not included) for 48 hours of continuous use. Includes the Ballistic Chrony Printer and features a 500 shot memory divided into 50 numbered strings of 2 to 10 shots each. Measures and stores shot velocities and time-elapsed between shots, and a timer mode measures up to 1800 rounds/per minute.


- Ballistic Chrony Printer. (See Ballistic Chrony Printer) Will also print Timer-Data
- A Demo of Chrony Ballistic I Software
- 500 shot memory (divided into 50 numbered strings of 2 to 10 shots each)
- Memory for 500 individual Timer Read-Outs
- Timer Button
- The Gamma (at all times) measures and stores not only shot velocities but also time-elapsed between shots, including total time. To make the Timer-Data visible, press the Timer Button. When in Timer-Mode the Chrony will also measure velocities at a rate of up to 1800 rounds/minute as well as the time elapsed between shots.

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