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Kodiak X2 DC AW Gas Ram Dual Caliber

Kodiak X2 DC AW Gas Ram Dual Caliber


  • $159.04

Kodiak X2 DC AW Gas Ram Dual Caliber
Manufacture ID: 1074GP

The advanced technology of the gas ram system uses compressed gas in a sealed, self-contained unit that is designed to replace the mainspring in a conventional air rifle. The air rifles cock like any other barrel-cocking airgun, but the single cocking stroke compresses a cylinder of gas instead of a mainspring. When the trigger is pulled, the compressed gas expands and drives the piston forward. The main advantage in a gas ram air rifle and a real advantage to hunters is the tireless gas ram power plant that, unlike a steel mainspring, can never take a set or tire with age. Another advantage is the shorter lock time, which aids in field accuracy, as there is less time for the shooter to “pull” off target. The air rifle’s reliable performance in any weather, smoother cocking effort, and more consistent power and velocities make for a truly exceptional airgun.


- Interchangeable Barrels
- Gas Ram Power Plant
- Dual Barrel
- All-Weather Synthetic Stock with Rubber Buttpad


- Caliber: .177 and .22
- Action: Break Barrel, Gas Ram Powered
- Ammunition: Pellets
- Scope: 4x32mm with Mounts
- Trigger: RS2, 2 Stage Adjustable
- Accuracy: C-T-C .20” at 10 Meters
- Velocity: 1,000 FPS and 830 FPS
- Length: 47.50”
- Weight: 8.75 lbs

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