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Pointed HP Tomahawk (Per 750)

Pointed HP Tomahawk (Per 750)


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Pointed HP Tomahawk (Per 750)
Manufacture ID: 6322544CP54

Gamo is the leading producer of precision lead ammunition for air rifles. The Pointed Hollow Point has been specifically designed to give maximum shock and expansion while having the accuracy of a Match pellet. The PHP forms a perfect mushroom shape that will flatten out on impact, distributing all of it's energy into the target at short range.


- Caliber: .177
- Velocity (fps): 960
- Kinetic Energy (ft. x lbs.): 14.8
- Paraffin Penetration: 1.6"
- Paraffin Expansion: 0.37"
- Pellet Weight: 7.8 grain
- Quantity: Per 750

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